Monto Fat & Store Sale Market Report Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Apr 03, 2024

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KellCo Rural Agencies Fortnightly Fat & Store Sale saw a rain reduced yarding of 405 head. A full panel of buyers lifted prices across all categories. A mixed yarding of export cows sold to a market 15-25c better to top at 240c. Limited number of feeder steers rose 20c/kg topping 320c. A good quality run of weaners steers sold to 430c with most flatback steers 410-430c/kg. Too few feeder heifers were present to quote. WEaner heifers increased in value up to 30c/kg topping at 302c.

MD, RJ & WJ Brown sold Droughtmaster Bull to 240c/kg at av 905kg to return $2172

WT Ariens sold Brahman x cows to 236.2c/kg at av 504kg to return $1190

KS & DA Goody sold Droughtmaster x cows to 235.2c/kg at av 625kg to return $1470

MD, RJ & WJ Brown sold Charbray x steers to 318.2c/kg at av 461kg to return $1467

Lincol Grazing sold Santa Gertrudis x steers to at av 316kg to return $1197

BJ & CE Kennedy sold Brangus Steers to 340.2c/kg at av 410kg to return $1394

BJ & CE Kennedy sold Brangus steers to 376.2c/kg at av 330kg to return $1243

SC Williams sold Santa Gertrudis steers to 420.2c/kg at av 275kg to return $1158

KR Sanderson sold Charolais x steers to 424.2c/kg at av 264kg to return $1119

S Goody sold Droughtmaster x steers to 430.2c/kg at av 228kg to return $982

M Lamb sold Charbray x heifers to 252.2c/kg at av 375kg to return $945

NE & NL Benecke sold Brangus heifers to 298.2c/kg at av 222kg to return $664

S Goody sold Droughtmaster x heifers to 302.2c/kg at av 212kg to return $642