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Giving Back to the Community Initiative

At Kellco Rural Agencies we are committed to giving back to our community.

Living and working in rural areas, we recognise that not everyone has adequate access to services and support. We advocate for rural communities through our community events and involvement, fundraising opportunities and children's performing arts workshops and performances.

Our aim is to benefit others by bringing meaningful social connections that help build resilience and inspire others through positive actions.

We believe that the positive impacts and influence we can have on small rural communities through our Giving Back to the Community Initiative are beyond measure.

Some of the initiatives that we have been involved in to date:

  • Annual Ladies Luncheon in Monto
  • Abercorn P&C took the opportunity to raise funds for their school by running the Saleyards Canteen for our 2024 Prime Cattle Show & Sale
  • St Therese's Catholic Primary School P&C have raised funds through running the bar for the 2022 and 2023 Monto Annual All Breeds Bull Sales
  • $10,000 was raised from the 2023 Ladies Luncheon, morning tea stalls and various raffles to bring Josh Arnold to Monto to workshop and perform with the children from all schools in the Monto region. The video from their performance and song Josh Arnold wrote about Monto and the "Three Moons" is linked at the bottom of this page
  • Face Painting & Crazy Hair at the 2023 Monto Annual All Breeds Bull Sale raised funds for Men's Health Charity
  • Auctioneering for local charity events
  • Over $60,000 in sponsorship to community groups since 2022