Monto Fat & Store Sale Market Report Wednesday 29th May 2024

May 29, 2024

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KellCo Rural Agencies yarded 1306 head at this fortnights Fat & Store Sale. A mixed quality yarding met firm demand on most categories. Cattle were drawn from Bundaberg, Mt Perry, Eidsvold, Boyne Valley, Biloela, Thangool, Jambin & all local areas.


S Davis sold Droughtmaster x cows to 220.2c/kg at av 595kg to return $1310

M & AM Walther sold Santa cows to 225.2c/kg at av 860kg to return $1936

DR Voss sold Charbray x cows to 221.2c/kg at av 525kg to return $1161

BA & BJ Burnham sold Brangus cows to 223.2c/kg at av 620kg to return $1383

Estate of PR Birchley sold Brahman x cows 240c/kg at av 560kg to return $1344

WL & J Hawken sold Brangus steers to 316.2c/kg at av 448kg to return $1416

Vigna Australis Pty Ltd sold Brahman x steers to 320.2c/kg at av 391kg to return $1252

JI & GL Barnard sold Droughtmaster steers to 358.2c/kg at av 283kg to return $1016

RA & DA Edgar sold Simmental x steers to 344.2c/kg at av 280kg to return $963

TS Bourke sold Charbray x steers to 364.2c/kg at av 251kg to return $916

KD & AP Wyatte sold Droughtmaster x steers to 364.2c/kg at av 239kg to return $872

KR Sanderson sold Charolais x steers to 366.2c/kg at av 241kg to return $882

Ashenhurst Partnership sold Droughtmaster steers to 368.2c/kg at av 193kg to return $712

M & AM Walther sold Braford heifers to 241.2c/kg at av 470kg to return $1133

GP & WA Coulston sold Santa x heifers to 244.2c/kg at av 279kg to return $682

AL & RJ Price sold Brangus x heifers to 259.2c/kg at av 489kg to return $1267

AL & RJ Price sold Brangus steers to 268.2c/kg at av 613kg to return $1646

WJ & JL Cook sold Brangus Bulls to 218.2c/kg at av 940kg to return $2051

P Rideout sold Simmental x heifers to 260.2c/kg at av 268kg to return $698

Barina Grazing sold Angus x heifers to 298.2c/kg at av 225kg to return $673

CR & K Postle sold Droughtmaster heifers to 276.2c/kg at av 224kg to return $619