Monto Fat & Store Sale Market Report Wednesday 1st May 2024

May 01, 2024

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KellCO Rural Agencies Fortnightly Fat & Store Sale yarded 819 head. Cattle were drawn from Boyne Valley, Jambin, Thangool, Banana, Mt Larcom, Mulgildie and all local areas. A good yarding of export slaughter cattle saw prices rise 5-10c/kg with cows topped at 222c. Heavy feeders sold to firm demand to top at 322c. Backgrounder steers sold mostly between 300-350c/kg. Weaner steers sold firm to slightly dearer with most from 360-380c. Feeder heifers sold firm on last sale with weaner heifers were slightly softer.


N Roth Sold droughtmaster x cows to 220.2c/kg at av 580kg to return $1277

WAG Pastoral sold Brangus cows to 220.2c/kg at av 580kg to return $1277

Boxvale Grazing sold Brangus x cows to 215.2c/kg at av 492.50 to return $1059

Brown and Cross Family Trust sold Brangus heifers to 262.2c/kg at av 560kg to return $1468

ML & SM Oram sold Braham Cows to 218.2c/kg at av 476kg to return $1035

NF & JE Keitley sold Droughtmaster steers to 302.2c/kg at av 491kg to return $1484

EN & PA Hindmarsh sold Charolais x steers to 316.2c/kg at av 408kg to return $1291

GV & JM Chapman sold Brangus steers to 320.2c/kg at av 486kg to return $1556

CR Schmidt sold Angus x steers to 320c/kg at av 321kg to return $1029

JW & HM Dionysius sold Droughtmaster x steers to 344.2c/kg at av 307kg to return $1058

RR & AM Martin sold Charbray steers to 376.2c/kg at av 259kg to return $1058

R Marbach sold Brangus steers to 358.2c/kg at av 292kg to return $1048

VI & AC Goody sold Simmental x Steers to 382.2c/kg at av 233kg to return $893

G Dahlter sold Euro x steers to 404.2c/kg at av 270kg to return $1091

Brown & Cross Family Trust sold Brangus steers to 374.2c/kg at av 234kg to return $877

GJ Schubert sold Angus x steers to 366.2c/kg at av 258kg to return $947

Mt Shaw Pastoral sold Red Brangus Cows & Calves to $1160/head

Est of PR Birchley sold Braford Heifers to 252.2c/kg at av 420kg to return $1059

JD Wyatte sold Brangus x heifers to 252.2c/kg at av 402kg to return $1013

WAG Pastoral sold Bazadaise x heifers to 236.2c/kg at av 410kg to return $968

B Marbach sold Brangus heifers to 260c/kg at av 278kg to return $725

Galloway Pastoral sold a Braford Bull to 230c/kg at av 1045kg to return $2403